Current Known Issues and Bugs

We are aware of a few random, sporadic issues with the tools, although most are caused by exceeding the maximum number of API requests per day. If this occurs, please try your report again later. If you're looking for a specific known issue in order to verify that you've isolated a new bug, please view the regularly updated list below:

We appreciate all of the helpful feedback from our users. Without the ongoing bug reports that we receive, our products wouldn't evolve as quickly as they do. We are working to provide an automated system for tracking bugs and issues submitted to us, but in the meantime please use the form located on our bug tracking page. If you have an idea for a new tool that you'd like to see here, have SEO tools you want to list, or would like to offer your programming services, please use our general contact link that can also be found at the top of every page within our site.

How to Use Our Free SEO Tools and Other Information

You'll need to open these pages in a fairly recent browser to use our tools. That's about it. Seriously. Each tool is complete with a straight to the point description and usage information, and there's never anything to download. Simply follow the instructions and view your website report within seconds.

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